Dramedy Web-Series (2019)


Written by Dionne van den Berg & Pooja Tripathi
Directed by Amanda Hanna-Mcleer
Director of Photography Eveline Haverlag
Music supervision by Coco & Breezy
Starring Dionne van den Berg, Pooja Tripathi, Catherine Curtin, Coco & Breezy, Beau Schneider, Michael de Roos

Amsterdam Ave is a new Dutch-American dramedy web-series about a Dutch and American girl switching places and following their dreams while living abroad.

Maya is a Dutch Surinamese girl living with her fiancé Jordi in Amsterdam. When Maya receives the news that she's invited to audition for the Manhattan Academy of Dramatic Arts, she's faced with the dilemma of settling down in Amsterdam with Jordi versus following her dreams in NYC.

Kyran is a first generation Indian American girl living in NYC. She aspires to be a DJ but feels pressured by her family's expectations to stay in her day job at a luxury fashion corporation. When she gets a DJ opportunity in Amsterdam she decides to uproot her life and take a leap of faith. Maya and Kyran end up switching places. The girls go on their own adventures to figure out who they are and how to achieve their dreams. The series aims to explore both cities from an expat perspective, to show what it's like to follow your dreams, take risks and move abroad.

The series is created by a strong team of female filmmakers. Amsterdam Ave is written by the female filmmaker duo Dionne van den Berg & Pooja Tripathi, who also star in the series as Maya and Kyran. The first season is directed by Amanda Hanna-Mcleer, an up-and-coming director who's been on Comedy Central's Broad City post-production team for the past 5 seasons. The cinematographer is Eveline Haverlag, an established young filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Music Direction by DJ twins Coco & Breezy who also make an appearance in the series. Cast includes several name actors both in the Netherlands and the US, including Catherine CurtinBeau SchneiderFarrieda SmitMichael de Roos, and Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld.